When Seconds Count

You Need a Plan

In an emergency, whether it is natural or man-made, being prepared is the key to saving lives. myPlan is the most comprehensive emergency preparedness solution for communities on the market today.

Improving Emergency Preparedness

When seconds count in a catastrophe, having a decisive plan and the correct information is critical. myPlan assists communities in being prepared and should a disaster occur, put the information at the fingertips of first responders.

Engage the Community

myPlan provides an easy to use platform for citizens to create, modify, and store emergency plans for their families/businesses.

Notify Citizens

Gain the ability for your agencies to contact residents in event of emergency or for providing information about new programs etc. myPlan supports Text, Email, Push, and more.

Inform First Responders

As citizens develop plans, that information can provide first responders will critical life saving data in real time during a catastrophe. myPlan organizes and provides the information when & where they need it most.

Real-time Dashboards & Reporting

In the event of a disaster, myPlan Real-time information delivers fixed and configurable reports and role based dashboards by emergency management to make data driven decisions.

Integrate with Existing Portal(s)

My Plan can be integrated with existing websites and mobile applications that may be in use by your city/county.

Secure by Design

In addition to government regulatory compliances, myPlan is delivered in a “single-tenant” platform to deliver better security for your data while allowing for greater personalization.


Americans NOT prepared for a disaster


What you need be able to take care of each other before help arrives


Americans trust police/fire as their most trusted source of information for preparation


Typical myPlan implementation

Family/Business Emergency Plans

Citizens can voluntarily use and develop myPlan to create personalized plans to be used, depending on the type of a disaster. They elect to enter their information such as:

  • Contacts/Family
  • Designated Meeting Places
  • Work/School
  • Medical
  • Insurance
  • Pets
  • Accessibility/mobility

As a community supported effort, citizens can work with your emergency management team to better prepare their families and businesses. In additional to plan development, myPlan provides information on having disaster supplies in the event of an emergency.

Empower Your Citizens

FEMA Based Plans

Based on FEMA’s Ready.Gov guidelines, myPlan allows citizens to create, download, print, and share personalized plans for each family member/employee.

Consolidate and Manage

Unlike other similar solutions, at the core of myPlan is our citizen relationship management solution (CRM) designed for local governments. The CRM provides the city with better and timely information needed during a disaster.

No Hardware/Software to Buy

myPlan is delivered as a 3Di Solution as a Service (SaaS) offering. Hosted with Amazon’s Web Services, myPlan gives your community fast access and it is highly secure anywhere with anytime access. 3Di provides all maintenance, upgrades, and support.

Informing First Responders

During an emergency, real-time information is critical to emergency response teams. myPlan organizes and provides first repsonders with data in usable formats based on their requests.

Unlike some software packages that simply create plans, myPlan collects and organizes each plan’s information in a specifically tailored citizen relationship management (CRM) solution. This secure yet powerful tool allows for better crisis management and to save lives.

Slated for upcoming releases, myPlan will have a Citizen Mobile Application and EmergencyResponse Team Mobile Application available.

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Solution Spotlight

Prepare LA Now

3Di’s premier emergency preparedness project is Prepare LA Now. the City of Los Angeles’ official planning website that creates a customized family or business emergency plan just by entering some basic information. LA’s citizens can create, print, download, and share their personalized emergency plans with their families or employees at the workplace.

With an opt-in service, citizens can receive Prepare LA Now emergency alerts and an emergency with instructions on what City officials need you to do to stay safe.

In the event of a disaster, Prepare LA Now can provide emergency responders with information about you so they can plan, prioritize and deploy life saving resources and support.

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