Every citizen in your community can create a customized Family Emergency Plan with information that is unique to their family. This information can be downloaded and shared with each member and it will contain a family emergency communication plan, emergency supply list and it will contain other vital information such contact information about doctors, list of the medications, durable medical equipment used and even veterinarian information about pets and service animals. This information is portable and can be useful should an emergency evacuation be required. Lastly, the information provided can assist emergency responders in planning and prioritizing resources to help residents and businesses during an emergency.

Yes. myPlan complies with government regulations, is maintained in Amazon’s Web Services, and is provided in single-tenet architecture. When someone opt-ins to share your information with emergency responders, it will be used in prioritizing resources to help residents and businesses during an emergency. For example: information will be used to help identify need assistance evacuation because they use a wheel chair or rely on oxygen or electricity for medical needs.

Individuals’ information will only be visible to Emergency Management Department and emergency responders and only if your home, business or organization is in harm’s way. Citizens are in full control of the information they choose to enter.

Cities/counties pay annual subscription. myPlan is provided FREE to all citizens. The solution is provided as a Software as a Service (SaaS) and all updates, upgrades, maintenance, and hosting are included.